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Used widely around the home, office and workplace, spiral cable wrap provides three major advantages than simply having loose wires:

1. The spiral binding provides extra security for your wires and cable shielding them from accidental damage, causing wires to be exposed.

2. It provides a single tidy strand of all your cables, keeping them in one place allowing you to clip or cable tie them both out of reach and away from danger.

3. The spiral design of the cable wrap allows for either a close fitting, or spaced out so that you can pass wires and cables out at virtually any point. (See illustration).

We have a wide range of spiral cable binding available in standard black, natural/clear and in industry standard wiring colours, coloured spiral binding is widely used commercially to provide instant clarification as to the wires inside, each loom can be colour coded to suit the installer. By using spiral binding the loom can be opened at any point throughout its life to replace or even add cables to the same loom.

Examples for use around the home can include;

1. Used to keep TV and computer cables tidy and safe.
2. Ideal for protecting coax etc when used both indoors and out.
3. Used under kitchen cupboards with under lighting, allowing the cable to be clipped back out of sight.
4. Can be used on game stations and remotes providing protection and extra support for the cable.
5. Useful for wrapping over joined wires after a repair, then taped reinforcing the lead whilst remaining flexible.

The list for spiral binding is endless, from the home to the automotive industry for under body vehicle wiring looms and office for keeping expensive IT cables safe from damage.

Spiral Wrap Fitting

Spiral binding is applied by wrapping it around your cables, this provides a secure fitting with extra support for all your wires inside, as you wrap your cables you will be able to have exit points for individual wires to create a professional wiring loom, the spiral binding eliminates the need for using tape to bind multiple wires together, and offers a superior finish with added protection.

Spiral Cable Binding - Available Per Metre

Black, White, Clear and Coloured spiral cable binding, our range is constructed to the highest quality and available per metre.