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Hook and loop fasteners are constructed from of two different pieces of material, one side acts as the "loop" (softer to the touch) the other side is the "hook" together these create a strong bond, whilst pulling the strips apart directly is easy, trying to separate them any other way is very difficult. Hook & Loop fasteners can be so strong that a two inch square piece is enough to support a 79 kg person. The strength of the bond however depends on how well the hooks are embedded in the loops & how much surface area is in contact with the hooks, along with the force pulling the two pieces apart.

If Hook & Loop is used to connect two rigid items together for example and picture frame to a wall the bond is very strong as any downward force is spread across the entire surface of the Hook and Loop sections, this only enforces it's strength by engaging more hooks into the loop, but by peeling the frame away from the wall, removal is relatively easy.

On garments and footwear, where hook and loop is used as a strap or pocket closure, opening is easy as a peeling action is used, this pulls each hook from the loop in smaller sections.

Hook and Loop fasteners are now found in various sizes, types and colours, although most commonly black or white. The main types of fastener are:

• Hook & Loop strapping in varying widths (more commonly 20, 25 & 50mm).
• Hook & Loop coins, circles & squares in various diameters & sizes.
• Self adhesive Hook & Loop, available separately either Hook or Loop.
• Sew or stitch on Hook & Loop, again available separately.
• Hook & Loop cable ties are also becoming more popular, especially as a replacement to standard plastic cable ties; Hook & Loop being softer reduces any risk of cutting into wires etc, but also has the advantage of removal and re-application for better access to broken looms or for use in offices to maintain tidy cables.

Hook & Loop with its varying types and sizes, easy application, low maintenance and safe use is now found everywhere and can be used in almost any application where a temporary bond of two surfaces is required, a few applications include:

• Used in clothing to replace zips or buttons.
• Use on footwear in place of laces.
• The automotive industry for carpets, speaker covers etc.
• Disposable nappies
• Securing wiring looms, even some mobile phone chargers have a small piece to keep the charger lead tidy.
• Sports bags, cases & watch straps.

We offer a complete range of Hook & Loop products, in small home and office quantities, or larger trade rolls for heavy users.

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